2.3 - The Learning Process & CR

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CR includes learning new skills and strategies as well as relearning what's been lost as a result of injury or illness. This lesson covers the steps involved to learn new information. We know that learning new information when you have cognitive challenges can feel anywhere from somewhat difficult to almost impossible.

Stages of learning

Learning is a process that does not end at the mastery level.

Mastery occurs as the new skill is practiced over and over to the point where it becomes almost automatic. Mastery is based on a variety of things. It's hard to imagine, but some say mastery requires 10,000 hours.

After you master a skill, it is your responsibility to maintain it and apply that knowledge to a different area of your life.

Acquisition of learning

  1. You don't know what you don't know or can't do.
    You resist using technology because you assume it can't help you with your challenges.
  2. You realize you don't know and you need to learn it.
    You realize one of the apps within BEST Suite (e.g. StrategizeMyLife) might help you and you decide to take the online training.
  3. You've learned a skill, but it takes a lot of concentration and effort.
    You completed the StrategizeMyLife online training and know how to use it, but it takes time and effort to use it regularly.
  4. You've developed the skill and practiced to the point of it being almost automatic; this is mastery.
    You automatically reach for your phone to check, find, and add information to StrategizeMyLife, any app within the BEST Suite, or your electronic calendar.

Generalization of new learning

Generalizing is the ability to realize how something you know applies to something new or different. From our perspective, generalization is the ultimate goal.

You know how to add a new task to one app in the BEST Suite and realize that the same steps will allow you to add a task to another app in the BEST Suite.


Maintenance is the process of maintaining or preserving the new knowledge or skill. This requires you to use the information on an ongoing basis. Think of the saying "use it or lose it."

You need to use the StrategizeMyLife app regularly in order to easily remember the steps required to use it. Check out our free online class.

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