2.4 - Types of CR

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Book titled: Something Needs to Change

CR involves two approaches:

  • Restorative
  • Compensatory


In general terms, restorative techniques involve intense repetition and practice in specific cognitive areas like attention, memory, and following directions.

Practice until you see improvement.

Restorative techniques

  • Drill & Practice: Intense repetition & practice
    Math worksheets for times tables
  • Verbal Mnemonic Strategies: Acronyms, Rhythms, Songs, and Acrostics
    This is a rhyme many of us used in school to learn how to spell the state: Miss - iss - ipp - i
  • Visual / Imagery Method: Loci or Place Method, Link Method, Visual Story Method
    Creating a silly story that incorporates each person/item/task to be remembered.
  • Computer-Based Tools: Any app/program that directly supports strengthening the deficient area
    Specialized brain training apps

In other words: Practice, practice, practice to improve!


In general terms, compensatory techniques involve changing the environment and/or method of performing a task to work around or compensate for cognitive challenges.

Using a smartphone to remember appointments

This class focuses on compensatory skills. We'll provide strategy suggestions and help you learn how to use basic strategies to deal with your cognitive struggles and improve your life.

Source: Photo by Bluehouse Skis on Unsplash.com

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