3.3 - Processing Speed

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Processing speed is how long it takes you to understand and react to something (e.g., visual or auditory information).

Slower speeds are common for those with cognitive challenges. However, you can do things to improve processing speed.

Everyday issues

  • You may find it takes longer to grasp what other people say and formulate your response.
  • You might need extra time for things to "click" with you, sometimes a lot longer.
  • It takes you more time to digest new information.
  • You lose track of a conversation because it seems to go too fast.
  • Your driving abilities are impacted because you cannot always react quickly enough to stop signs, traffic lights, etc.

Strategies to get you started

  • Remove or minimize any or all distractions to help attention.
  • Ask people you are talking with to slow down.
  • Ask the speaker to repeat.
  • Reassess sleep health and nutrition. Adjust your routine as needed to improve both of these areas.
  • If using text-to-speech, slow down the audio.
  • Use the BEST Suite StrategizeMyLife app to record processing strategies for social gatherings, interviews, studying, or other specific tasks. Review the strategies before the event as reminders.
  • Record new information to replay and process later using the Notability app or other recording device.

Making Cognitive Connections

Cognitive skills used to perform iOS device functions and the connections to other life skills:

Cognitive Skill iOS Device Examples Life Examples
Processing Speed
  • Take extra time to scan and find the desired app icon.
  • Record information or conversations, then play them back to digest information.

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