4.4 - Sequencing

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Sequencing is performing the steps of a task in a logical order.

Remembering all of the steps in the proper order can be challenging, even if it was automatic previously.

Everyday issues

  • You get lost or tangled up in processes that require doing steps in a certain order.
  • Your days seem unproductive and harried.
  • You have a hard time following recipes.
  • You have a difficulty following the steps necessary to put furniture together.

Strategies to get you started

  • Consider what you have coming up, and determine the best method to accomplish everything as efficiently as possible.
  • Before you do something that requires multiple steps, take an extra moment to mentally go back to the basics and review the steps of that process.
  • If you are receiving instructions, use Notability to record the conversation for replay later.
  • Use the BEST My Checklist app to record tasks and times for routines.

Making Cognitive Connections

Cognitive skills used to perform iOS device functions and the connections to other life skills:

Cognitive Skill iOS Device Examples Life Examples
  • Follow the correct steps to record an appointment.
  • Decide which bills to pay first.
  • Figure out the most efficient order for running errands.

Source: Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash.com

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