2.1 - What is Decision-Making?

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Decision-making is the process of evaluating and choosing from multiple options. This is something we do many times a day without much thought, while other decisions require more thought and analysis, including:

  • What should I have for breakfast?
  • Should I go to the store today or tomorrow?
  • Should I get an iPhone or an Android?

Although you've made decisions your entire life, the cognitive and emotional challenges resulting from injury/illness can make it more challenging to process and follow through on decisions. Examples include:

  • Overwhelmed by too many options
  • Unable to identify appropriate options
  • Unable to sift through the options

We recognize that identifying and considering options after a brain injury/illness can cause anxiety. Our goal is to help you identify realistic options, learn strategies to help you narrow those options, and provide a process to help you make better decisions. We will address some of the barriers and challenges to decision-making in future lessons.

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